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Third Eye Chakra

6th Chakra

Hindi Name:  Ajna or Agya meaning ‘command’.  Commonly known as the third eye
Location:  On the forehead between the eyebrows
Color:  Indigo
Element:  Light
Governs:  The pituitary gland
Traditional development ages:  35-42 years

Situated between the eyes, the brow or third eye chakra deals with intelligence and psychic power according to Hindu tradition.

It is the seat of psychic vision and has been known as Ajna by Hindu practitioners for thousands of years.

Physically, it is located between the two eyebrows and is often symbolized by the symbol for the syllable OM with a petal on both sides each. The associated colors are indigo, deep blue, and sometimes violet.

Hormones are responsible for the body’s functions. They are associated with many aspects of our body which includes physical aspects and mental or emotional aspects as well. Modern day practitioners like to relate chakras with the endocrine system of the body which is responsible for the release of hormones that regulate many functions including growth and maturation, metabolism, tissue function and also mood.

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