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How to Share a Google Cloud Printer


We all are using shared printer in windows environment and there is nothing new about it.  But what if, we want to use a printer that is installed on Windows environment and we need to use it on any other Google device.

This can be easily accomplished by connecting and sharing that printer as Google Cloud Printer.  That printer can be a cloud printer, cloud ready printer or any other legacy printer.

I my case I wanted to print on my network printer which is neither a Cloud Printer nor a Cloud Ready one.

I accomplished what I needed by adding this on my official Google account and sharing it with other my other account which is configured on my mobile device.

Here the objective is to discuss the procedure of sharing a Google Cloud printer.


  1. You have at least one Google account.
  2. Printer connected to any computer on your network and both must be On.
  3. You are logged in to your Google account on the computer where printer is accessible.


  1. Here the objective is to discuss the procedure of sharing a Google Cloud printer.



You can share any printer connected to Google Cloud Print with other people, as long as they have a Google Account.

  1. Visit the Google Cloud Print management page
  2. On the left side, select Printers.
  3. Select the printer you want to share and click Share.
  4. In the dialog box that appears, enter the email address for the person or Google Group you want to share with.
  5. If you want to share with a group of friends, set up a Google Group and invite them to be members.
  6. If you change the default “Can print” to “Can manage,” they will be able to print, rename and share access to your printer.
  7. Click Share.

Once you’ve shared your printer, they will receive an email notification.

If you do not own the group, a request will appear for the group owner the next time they go to their Google Cloud Print management page. When they approve the request, group members can access the printer.

To stop sharing, follow steps 1-3 above to open the sharing dialog for the printer and edit the user list.


The following points are important to note here:

  1. This document teaches how to share printer only.
  2. For learning how to access printer from other computer refer How to Print from Chromebook.
  3. Click Here to know about How to Print from Android device on any printer.

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