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B-Type Material Management

In thermoplastic compounding process, B-Type is a granulated Product that is not as per the required specifications.  It carries the item code and name of Finished Product.  We can have following three types of B-Type material if we classify it on the basis of usage:

  • BTA-Material that can be used in same grade and same batch
  • BTB-Material that can not be used in same grade and same lot but can be used in some other batch or grade
  • BTC-Material that cannot be used

BTA-Material can be used right into the same batch and same lot and making any system entry for this kind of material is not required.

BTB-Material is to be returned to Stores Department by posting through ‘Production Detail Entry’ page in ERP.  The location B-TYPE/LUMPS/SEMI FINISHED needs to be used for this purpose.  The owner of this location will be the Stores Department.  For getting BTB-Material to be issued this will need to be a component of Released Formulation and to be demanded like other Raw Material or Semi Finished items.  In case, more quantity than already issued is required, user will need to raise EMDN (Excess Material Demand Note) just like he/she is doing for Raw Material items.

BTC-Material will either be sold out or scrapped as per the defined company and/or local unit’s policy or as decided by the concerned unit head.