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Boost the Speed of your PC

ReadyBoost is one of the best features of versions of Windows Vista onwards.  ReadyBoost can be used to boost the performance of your PC by making use of USB Flash Drive as extra fast-access Cache Memory for frequently used files and data.  When plugged in, USB displays a ‘Auto Play’ dialog/option box to select the mode in which it is to be used.  ReadyBoost is one of the available options.

When selected ‘ReadyBoost’ it displays drive properties dialog box with ‘Ready Boost’ tab open.  Click on ‘Use this Device’ radio button and scroll the slider to reserve the amount of space to be used.  Click Apply to apply the settings and click OK to close the dialog box.

Ready Boost

It is important to state here that if you will select more than 4 GB it won’t use that much as even Windows x64 doesn’t use more than 4 GB per key or card.

For ejecting the drive, use normal procedure.

If your drive doesn’t open Autoplay, open Windows Explorer, Right Click on drive icon and select ‘Open Auto Play’.

You may also open driver properties by Right Clicking on drive icon and selecting ‘Properties’ from shortcut menu.  In Properties window, ‘Ready Boost’ tab can be select to do the above.