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How it all started …

The  inclination or attraction that I developed towards spirituality, and, the circumstances at the time when it all happened; were surely not the reason for all this.  Whatever happened just went on without any will or intentions.  Sometimes  something  random happens  in  our lives, some random thoughts appear and disappear gradually, unknowing we do some deeds and actions, some attraction, repulsion, stimulation or excitement happens that is altogether different from our own core ideologies and activities.  Perhaps this is the way how destiny plans the route.   

My interest  in Yogasana, Pranayama and Meditation was developed since pubescence and the motivation behind was probably our school where special attention was paid to all these activities.  With the  passage of time, life passed by and there was never so much time,  there was no such guide in life who could give any proper direction.  But destiny, in its own time and in its own way, leads you to where it  wants to.   

In my office, I had a senior, Verma sir (name changed), Verma sir was about 80 years old.  Verma sir believed that he had travelled to every country in the world that appeared on the map.  This type of travelling was actually his official need and he was also fond of it.   Now it becomes obvious that his previous and the official profile of that time must have also been according to this.  We, who worked with him, were very much impressed with him and learnt a lot about official things and personal life as per our own likings.  Some people liked him very much and some were the opposite.   

I had never seen as healthy, energetic, systematic, disciplined person as Verma sir in my whole life.  Verma sir developed a lot of health problems in his last few months.  He had to endure many kinds of pains, he used to come to the office, do all his work, but the pain was clearly visible on his face.  As we all loved him, we didn’t like that pain.   

I didn’t know any way out of it, but I thought there must be something that could give relief to people who were in distress.  I used to think that human civilization and medical science developed later, but the sufferings of the organism and their remedy would already be there.  God’s laws and his plans cannot be lacking.  With this thought, I started looking around without any guidance, without any knowledge, without any experience.   

During that time, I  had a new hobby of blogging, I  used to note down the words of  a spiritual guru and with his consent, I would post those things on my blog.  I noticed in a few days that a particular person  was  unknowingly following me (of course, on my blog posts).  Perhaps there was some synchronization in our ideology.  Then, out of curiosity, I too started following the same person.  I understood that the person was promoting a particular spiritual healing system.  I also got curious and I followed constantly; and after some time I also got in touch with them and became a part of the same energy system.  I thought that I had found something after all, but to my surprise, I was told that you don’t find anything, rather you’re found or chosen.  

That’s how it all started, and today while writing it all I have completed almost 9 years in this system.  There were a lot of experiences, a lot of successes, a lot of failures and so did the experience.   

I have gained a pinch of knowledge and developed some insight about the whole system that I am practicing. I will keep sharing whatever I feel worthy. 

That’s all for now. 

Atma Namaste!