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Third Eye Chakra

6th Chakra Hindi Name:  Ajna or Agya meaning 'command'.  Commonly known as the third eye Location:  On the forehead between the eyebrows Color:  Indigo Element:  Light Governs:  The pituitary gland Traditional development ages:  35-42 years Situated between the eyes, the brow or third eye chakra deals with intelligence and psychic power according to Hindu tradition. It is the seat of psychic vision

Crown Chakra

7th Chakra Hindi Name:  Sasasrara meaning 'thousand-petalled lotus'.  Commonly known as the crown centre Location:  At the crown of the head Color:  White or Gold Governs: The pineal gland Traditional development ages:  42-49 years The crown chakra or Sahasrara is the last of the seven main chakras and is represented by the color violet or white. It is mainly