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Blue Filter

Blue Filters (Black and White Photography)   Blue filters are rarely used for Black and White photography.  They darken most colours and reduce contrast across an image. When used correctly, this reduced contrast can be useful for giving a shot a calm, soothing atmosphere.  A Blue filter also increases the appearance of haze and

Green Filter

Green Filters (Black and White Photography)   Green filters are less popular than the others but are useful in some circumstances. A Green filter is mainly used for photographing plants as it helps separate the Green foliage from the brightly coloured flowers and buds. They can also be used in landscape photography to boost the

Yellow Filter

Yellow Filters (Black and White Photography)   Yellow filters product the most subtle effect of the 5 coloured filters.  In some areas the difference is barely noticeable, but it can help to lift a photo is just enough.  They're a popular choice for beginners as they can be used in virtually any type

Orange Filter

Orange Filters (Black and White Photography)   Orange filters sit between Red and Yellow filters, giving a nice balance of each one's properties.  This makes them popular general purpose filter. In portrait photography, an Orange filter reduces the appearance of freckles and blemishes, giving the skin a healthy, smooth look. When photographing buildings and cityscapes,

Red Filter

Red Filters (Black and White Photography) In landscape photography, a read filter will turn a Blue sky almost Black and clouds really stand out, giving the scene a dramatic feel.  They're also excellent for increasing visibility in haze and fog. When shooting plants they help increase definition between flowers and foliage.  This

Whatsapp on Web

Finally in January 2016, WhatsApp (the cross-platform smartphone messaging application with 500 million users) added a web client so that you can access your WhatsApp messages from the Google Chrome web browser (If you are not currently using Google Chrome as your default web browser you should consider switching to