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Get Month Name from Date

Method 1 (TEXT Function): Here values from which Name of the Month is to be extracted are in range C5:C9. If we wish to extract the name of the month using function, the below function will be used: Function: TEXT(Value, FormatText) Here the date or the address/reference of cell where the

Navision 2013 – Keyboard Shortcuts

Microsoft Dynamics NAV Windows Client Development Environment Action Right Arrow Right Arrow Move to the next field or character Left Arrow Left Arrow Move to the previous field or character Up Arrow Up Arrow Move to the field above in the same column Down Arrow Down Arrow Move to the field below in the same column Delete Delete Clear selected text Esc Esc Close the window or undo the data

Using Filters in Navision

Here is the breakdown of filters available.  When you enter criteria, you can use all the numbers and letters that you can normally use in the field. In addition, you can use some special symbols or mathematical expressions. Here are the available formats: Symbol Meaning Sample Expression Records Displayed = Equal to 377 Number

Excel Cell Displays the Function Instead of its Calculated Value

Problem:  I inserted a column and entered some formula into it.  But after pressing enter, it was displaying the formula itself instead of its calculated values. Solution: Highlight the column (in my case), row or cells; wherever the problem is. Right click on selection. Select ‘Format Cells…‘ option. Click on ‘Number‘ tab, if not