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Following link can be used to go through the basic flow charts we prepared for our users for basic understanding about the flow of our ERP:

Click the link Old Process Flow Charts to go the flow charts page.

Using the following links you may learn about how to use some functions of this ERP.  We will keep updating the contents and list.  Since all the following documents are being prepared on Google drive, we do not need to update them separately here.  They will get updated automatically when there is a change in source document.  Documents (not the page) get refreshed every 5 minutes.

  1. How To Raise a Purchase Requisition
  2. How To Process Depot Functions
  3. How To Undo Posted Sales Shipment
  4. How To Apply Freight on PO and Invoice
  5. Bank Reconciliation
  6. How to Raise Supplementary Invoice
  7. How to Create and Release a Production Batch
  8. How to Create a Returnable Gate Pass
  9. How to Process Subcontracting Order

You are most welcome, if you feel like sharing some idea, document, content or anything.  You may use Contact Me page on top menu to reach me.  The mail will go right into my in-box.